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EHV Power has a long record of delivering high voltage underground transmission cable system projects successfully – safely, on time and on budget. We work collaboratively with clients to meet their needs with a quality, cost-effective solution. Our electrical transmission projects have taken our highly experienced and mobile work crews across Canada, the United States and into parts of Central and South America.


The Salem Cables Replacement Project replaced two underground 115 kV transmission self contained fluid filled cable circuits that connect the Salem Harbor Substation to its Canal Street Substation in Salem, Massachusetts. The first self contained fluid filled cable circuit was installed in 1951. The sister circuit was installed twenty years later in 1971. The cables were experiencing recurring fluid releases, increasing maintenance and repair. The cable had reached the end of its useful service life.

The solid dielectric cable circuits were installed in a new 1.63-mile underground duct bank along different streets in Salem, MA from those used by the self-contained fluid cables. The project included related modifications to the existing Salem Harbor and Canal Street Substations. These modifications required the removal of the oil reservoirs, draining of the cable fluid and disassembling of the cable terminations at both substations. The expulsion of the fluid from the cable system was based on EHV’s environmentally-friendly removal procedure. The fluid was captured and disposed by an approved third-party environmental company.

The installation of the new underground cable circuits required to work on one circuit at a time in order to respect the utility’s outage plan and the City’s festivals. The Project was behind schedule due to winter conditions experienced; however, EHV Power was able to provide additional specialized cable splicers supporting the cable manufacturer’s main representatives.


Along the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority’s (MBTA) commuter rail corridor, two 115kV underground cable circuits required 8 new self-contained fluid filled cable joints. EHV Power was engaged to complete the repairs, perform impregnation tests and piping works. MBTA provided flaggers and signalers to ensure the safety of our specialized cable technicians.

The project involved the replacement of two 115kV cable terminations at National Grid’s electrical substation in Beverly, MA. Solid dielectric XLPE cables were pulled in and transition joints were procured to bridge the different cable types (paper impregnated and solid dielectric). The circuits were successfully repaired and placed back into service.

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